I am Headbang Design

Antoine Defarges aka Headbang Design from France. 10+ years of professional experience in graphic design, specialized since 2014 in music artwork. I create gig posters, limited & hand-made screen-prints, t-shirt designs, album covers and band logos. I’ve worked for almost an hundred clients over the last 4 years. I’m also an official Adobe Certified Expert on Photoshop CC.

Handcrafted Work Ethic

I’m creating tailor-made illustrations only. Everything’s done with band/management approval for each step.

I’m also printing screen-prints by hand. Everything is made in my own workshop, from screens insolation to custom inks mixing to colors alignment. I’m also able to print small runs of t-shirts.


Logo Design from 250€;  Album Cover from 350€;  T-shirt/Poster Design from 350€.
2024 Price tags

My aim is to work with cool bands, whatever style they’re into. I have my heroes but I’m also glad to help smaller bands. I’m also offering special plans for long term collaborations. Feel free to drop an email for a more specific quote on your project.


A few names you may know. Many others were great, though.

I had many clients over the years, including Warner Music Group, Napalm Death, Suicidal Tendencies, Truck Fighters, The Obsessed, Freak Valley Festival & Desert Fest Berlin, Cormac Neeson from The Answer, Michael Devin from Whitesnake, Pentagram, The Sword, Ultra Vomit, Crippled Black Phoenix and many, many more… Check out my portfolio.